Penetration test passed: R2C_GRC from Schleupen meets highest security standards!

Ettlingen, 16. October 2018

The software solution R2C_GRC from Schleupen AG for the division Governance, Risk & Compliance provides you with comprehensive insights into the risk-bearing capacity of your company.

The complete security of this data is your greatest asset – and thus the decisive benchmark against which we measure ourselves as a leading software provider. We have therefore subjected our software solution R2C_GRC 3.5 to a penetration test:

In this comprehensive test, experts from the independent German IT security service Cure53 conducted targeted attacks on our software solution – with methods and techniques that hackers use to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data.

The pen test confirms that R2C_GRC 3.5 meets the highest security standards!
We assure you not only black and white but also in two different ways: The results of the pen test apply analogously to our software solution R2C_SECURITY, in which exactly the same technology is used!

We are very proud of the results of the pen test and are pleased to offer our customers R2C_GRC, a proven, secure software solution that is well hardened against cyberattacks and with which we fully comply with our performance and security promise. 

If you also want to get to know the entire range of functions and the advantages of the software solution R2C_GRC from Schleupen, just contact us - we will gladly advise you!