Phantasiastic! The Schleupen R2C user conference was a complete success.

Ettlingen, 6th June 2017

Ettlingen, 06.06.2017

The motto for the Schleupen SE to invite its customers to this year's R2C user conference in Brühl from the 17th to the 18th May was “Risk & Opportunity – New ideas for risk management“. But not just to a conference hotel, but to a very special location, where it is essential to manage risks every day, so to speak: the popular Phantasialand theme park.

It was hardly surprising, therefore, if the unusual atmosphere and the variety of detail in the themed worlds meant the ideas came thick and fast. From the start, there was a happy mood, as well as a fantastic and highly constructive working climate. Exciting lectures by well-known speakers and a variety of workshops for exchanging ideas formed the core of both conference days. And they had plenty to offer: intense discussions were held on risk management, ICS, ISMS and compliance. There was also lively discussion on customer expectations of the future development of these topics.

The R2C user conference was, as in previous years, the network for those responsible for GRC. The communication rooms were thoroughly used for mutual “updating”. This led to a mutual discussion on “Strengthening the Acceptance of GRC Topics”. Exciting specialist lectures showed the trend towards integrated models and their implementation with the“R2C” software solutions from the Schleupen family. There was also a lot of interest in a a keynote lecture that did more than just draw attention to the dangers and risks of dealing with IT and “digital identities”.

After work, fun of course came into its own. At “Fantissima”, Germany's most successful dinner show, speakers, attendees and the experts from Schleupen SE first of all enjoyed a 4-course menu of culinary delicacies. Then came the absolute highlight of the evening event – the unique show, which both captivated and fascinated everyone. And no wonder, because they experienced an event packed with overwhelming moments and top class artistry, which will surely remain unforgettable for many.

In brief: this year's user conference was an all-round highly successful event – the blend of information, discussion and events delighted all the attendees and set the bar a good deal higher for future events. We at Schleupen SE are already looking forward to moving it yet higher for the next user conference in 2018. 

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