R2C_SECURITY: new name, even more benefits

Ettlingen, March 6, 2018

Schleupen AG’s R2C_ISMS security package for data protection & information has just been renamed: from now, on it will be called R2C_SECURITY.

The new name highlights our expansion of the software solution: it now features two security-relevant modules in one integrated package.


1. Modul: information security (ISMS)

enables companies to professionally organise and document information security management (ISMS)

  • Proof of ISMS implementation
  • Support during all phases of the process
  • Assessment of critical processes and assets
  • Risk analysis and treatment
  • Scoping and audits
  • Intuitive and easy operation
  • Multi-standard capability
  • Supports certification processes

2. Modul: data protection

supports the successful implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation

  • Record of processing activities pursuant to Art. 30 GDPR
  • Privacy impact assessment pursuant to Art. 35 GDPR
  • Risk analysis and treatment
  • Reporting on the record of processing activities
  • Reporting on the privacy impact assessment

The two modules are completely flexible, they can be used together or individually. This lets the user decide: to either begin with implementation of an information security management system or with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation – or use both modules simultaneously.

Of course, our R2C_SECURITY software solution can be perfectly adapted to a company’s individual requirements; the individual supplementation of industry-specific content and a standards-compliant list of measures is just one example.

Users receive many benefits: in addition to user scalability per requirement and intelligent rights and role concepts, point values ​​for effective assessment of protection requirements and criticalities can also be set. There are extensive general options for importing and exporting lists, inventory databases etc. as well as audit-compliant mapping of external and internal audits. The wide range of functions is completed by fast and effective self-inspection and - most importantly - audit-proof documentation.

All in all, a comprehensive software solution for information security & data protection - available now from Schleupen AG.

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