How Schleupen AG supports you in times of crisis!

Dear R2C customer,

The worldwide spread of the novel SARS-CoV-2 virus has a major impact on our economic life. Ideally, your company is well prepared for crises and their effects, since you have assessed risks beforehand, and worked out measures and controls to maintain your company and protect your employees.

In the case of surprising incidents such as the corona virus, many preventive measures are ineffective, so that now only the tools to manage the crisis help to be able to react quickly to the daily changing situation in order to minimize the effects and damage.

The Business Unit GRC of Schleupen AG is at your side as a partner especially in these unusually tense times. Our consultants, support staff and sales colleagues are still committed to helping you.

In preparation for the time afterwards and also for the question of how to optimally use the time now, we dealt with a variety of questions relating to governance, risk and compliance, as well as our services.

We would like to inform you regularly in the near future: No matter whether you need support with the implementation of your risk management or ISMS, have a question about the technology or want to get to know one of our software solutions live in a free webinar: Simply contact us!

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