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The prevention of unconscious or conscious breaches of rules as well as the continuous improvement of products, processes and services present companies with (major) challenges. You can now handle both effortlessly, tailored to your requirements – with just one innovative software solution!

With the intersectoral reporting and whistleblower system in our software solution R2C_GRC, you can implement the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive (EU) 2019/1937 for the protection of whistleblowers just as effectively and purposefully as your CIP measures. Our standardised software solution offers you absolute freedom and flexibility: Do you only need one of the two components to meet your company's needs or do you want to systematically combine compliance and CIP goals? In any case, the reporting and whistleblower system increases the added value in your company.


  • Added value through prevention, exploiting company potential and comprehensive compliance
  • Effective and targeted implementation of the „Whistleblower Directive“ (EU 2019/1937) and our own CIP measures for the continuous improvement of products, processes and services
  • Fast, optionally anonymous or confidential reporting of events, rule violations or ideas, for example 
  • Flexibility through freely configurable reporting forms and customizable workflows 
  • Coverage of several reporting channels through the public reporting platform on the intranet/internet and through the report manager of the evaluation team (reports received by telephone, e-mail, letter, fax or in person)
  • Effective action control through the integrated action management 
  • Early detection of rule violations and containment of significant risks
  • Sensitization of employees to compliance violations through lived compliance commitment
  • Positive perception of the company among business partners and the general public

Ideen- und Beschwerdemanagement & Critical Incident Reporting System (CIRS)

R2C_GRC has an integrated, intersectoral reporting and whistleblowing system that can be used to
map reporting processes for a wide variety of reporting types. The reporting processes are controlled
via customizable workflows: standard, validation and whistleblowing.

The reporting system offers a flexible public reporting platform on the intranet/internet, which reporters and whistleblowers can use to initiate the reporting process, for example by reporting an event, a rule violation or an idea. No login to the system is required for this. Reports received via other reporting channels, e.g. B. in writing, by telephone or in person, can be documented directly in the system by the report managers of the evaluation teams.

Reporters and whistleblowers can track their report using a report key that they receive when they send their report and optionally in an acknowledgment of receipt. The feedback function enables you to communicate anonymously with the responsible report manager.

The workflow of the notification type controls whether notifications have to go thr ough the „Validation“ process step before they are visible to the notification managers of the evaluation t eam. These reports must first be checked, anonymised and approved by a “report validator”.

The notification managers of an evaluation t eam process all notifications received for their notification type. To clarify the reported facts, they can communicate anonymously with the reporters and whistleblowers and request statements from experts. The reports can be evaluated and linked to risks, causes and  ocuments. Finally, measures can be derived and a final report can be entered.

A dashboard and individual reports are available for evaluating the messages.

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