Software solution for the internal control system

Systematic planning, targeted control & optimisation of internal controls

Today, the documentation and checking of the internal control system is an essential element in the field of governance, risk & compliance. Different statutory provisions in Germany (BilMoG), Switzerland (OR) and Austria (URÄG) oblige capital market-oriented companies in particular to demonstrate the existence and effectiveness of an internal control system.

The software solution R2C_CONTROLS from Schleupen AG supports companies in the process of documenting their internal control system.

Services offered by the software solution R2C_CONTROLS
  • Identification and documentation of process ideas and risks
  • Description of existing controls
  • Evidence of the existence of a company-wide internal control system
  • Evidence of the effectiveness of the company-wide internal control system by means of confirmation processes and the test process

Based on the test results, actions can be set up and followed to optimise the internal control system. The entire process of the internal control system is supported by meaningful assessments and reports.

This is what the R2C_CONTROLS software solution offers you.

Our R2C_CONTROLS software solution documents, supports and optimises your internal control system and can be individually adapted to internal company requirements.

  • Simple integration into the existing IT landscape
  • Intuitive operation and multi-lingual user interface
  • Adjustment/extension of the software to meet company-specific requirements
  • Revision security thanks to the integrated logging and archiving function
  • Access protection via role-based authorisation concept
  • Efficient procedure due to e-mail reports for process participants
  • Avoiding redundancies due to central data storage
  • Information-related filing of external process descriptions and other documents in the software
  • Compliance with statutory requirements such as BilMoG (Germany), OR (Switzerland) and URÄG (Austria)
  • Pragmatic implementation of the COSO framework
  • Clear reporting to the supervisory board, management etc. due to condensed information
  • Efficient integration of auditors
  • Effective control of actions due to integrated action management
  • Promoting awareness of all staff for risk and control matters
  • Multiple analysis and assessment options
  • Software made in Germany

The process of the internal control system with R2C_CONTROLS

Our software solution R2C_CONTROLS

  • Identifying the major process risks and targets based on company processes
  • Documentation of risk-reducing controls
  • Optional presetting of system-wide ICS at a central point using scoping
  • Dynamic guidance through the generated ICS landscape with the ICS atlas
  • Option of exporting the ICS landscape in the form of a risk control matrix
  • One/two-dimensional evaluation (gross/net) of the risks
  • Regular confirmation by the person responsible via the confirmation cockpit
  • Freely configurable confirmation frequencies
  • Current status of control confirmations via assessment page
  • Determining of causes of overdue confirmations
  • Monitoring the timely implementation of confirmations
  • Definition of the controls to be tested
  • Determining the responsible testers
  • Informing of the testers about upcoming test phases, as soon as a test schedule has started
  • Test results provide information about the effectiveness of the controls
  • Visualisation of the effectiveness of the controls using traffic light colours
  • Clear evaluation pages for the analysis of the results
  • For weak points: definition of actions to resolve/regulate responsibilities and setting of deadlines
  • Automatic monitoring of deadlines
  • Freely configurable e-mails to remind those responsible to meet deadlines
  • Integrated action management for efficient follow-up of actions