ALL-ROUND package for governance, risk & compliance

ALL-ROUND package for governance, risk & compliance

Our R2C_GRC software solution covers the complete field of governance, risk & compliance - an integrated standard solution, with three modules that allow it to be individually adapted to company requirements.

Main module: risk management

The risk management is a fixed component of our R2C_GRC software solution. It is responsible for classic risk management of the software and includes the following functions:

  • Freely configurable risk catalogue
  • Sector/best practice catalogues available
  • Storage of central risk management information for all process participants
  • Illustration of risk topics as circumstances and direct risk taking with transfer of data

The module includes an extensive range of assessment methods, for example:

  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation
  • Distribution functions (e.g. triangular distribution)
  • Evaluation target figures (e.g. EBIT, cash flow)
  • Evaluation perspectives (gross, net and/or target)
  • Multi-year analysis and total evaluation
  • Integrated opportunity analysis
  • Multi-stage risk aggregation
  • Analysis and assessment of the risk portfolio with reference to company organisation, process structure, general responsibilities, risk categorising
  • Scenario analysis (best case, most likely case, worst case)
  • Year and target figures analysis
  • Monte Carlo simulation of risks and self-created simulation portfolios
  • Assessment of actions with regard to their application, scheduling, implementation status and responsibilities
  • Automatic monitoring of action deadlines
  • Freely configurable reminder function via e-mail
    Integration of Microsoft Outlook for executing tasks outside of the application
  • Process support for cyclical reporting through the freely filterable standard reports
  • Comprehensive cockpit function
  • Reporting templates for adaptation to individual requirements
  • Revision-secure recording

Module: internal control system

R2C_GRC also offers an optional module for integrated illustration of the internal control system.

This module enables the recording and management of internal controls as part of the company-wide risk management. Using the control confirmation process, controls can be confirmed by the people responsible directly in the application or as an option via Microsoft Outlook, thus showing the effectiveness of ICS.

Your added value:
  • Recording internal controls and linking these with risks & processes
  • Clear confirmation cockpit for completing the confirmation of controls, including comment function
  • Assessment for analysis of control confirmation (confirmation status, control result) according to different dimensions (organisation structure, processes)
  • Consideration of ICS in standard reporting

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Module: compliance management

In addition to documenting risks, the topic of “communicating information” within the company is gaining relevance, in particular from a compliance point of view.

This optional module enables the controlled distribution of compliance-relevant information, such as directives, laws, codes or similar. Documents can be made available to defined groups of recipients and an optional confirmation of the contents can be requested and assessed in R2C_GRC.

Furthermore, the module contains an extended risk assessment, which can be defined within the scope of the compliance requirements. For example, the effect on the company reputation, criminal liability and/or the environment can be recorded and assessed. Also an option is the automatic determination of the total effect of monetary damage and compliance factors. 

Your added value:
  • Compliance evaluation by means of qualitative assessment dimensions 
  • Optional determination of the total effect of monetary evaluation and qualitative assessment dimensions
  • Central filing option for documents
  • Hierarchical folder classification (similar to Windows Explorer)
  • Access rights to folders and documents
  • Confirmation workflow to confirm documents
  • Full text search
  • Report on document confirmation by the users
  • Full integration in the risk management and internal control system modules

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