The R2C product family is made up of our standard software solutions

We do not leave you alone when using the software solutions! From implementation to use, we remain at your side as a reliable contact partner!

All software solutions are characterized by a standardized implementation process that can be individually adapted to your needs. Once implementation is complete, further services are available to you as part of the maintenance contract, such as troubleshooting by our support/hotline and regular version updates of the software solutions you have purchased.

Involve all relevant stakeholders in your risk management process with precisely defined access rights. 

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Reduce risks and losses: with the R2C control system, across all sectors.

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Experience comprehensive organization, control and communication of your compliance.

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Your digital reporting and whistleblowing system, integrated into the GRC platform and cloud-enabled.

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Manage and distribute corporate policies for your compliance requirements.

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Fulfill the legally prescribed duty of care for your supply chains.

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Evaluate loss events and derive associated risks.

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Protect your company against violations of tax law, seamlessly integrated into your IT landscape.

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Manage information security in your company and maintain your protection goals.

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Protect personal data properly and comply with the GDPR guidelines

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GRC as an integrative management system

The growing number of legal requirements and guidelines makes it increasingly difficult for the governance functions (employees) to collect, consolidate and report the required content to the management without losing focus and the overall picture.

The range of tasks for individual employees is growing as more and more legal requirements, new norms and standards are added.
More and more new laws are being introduced, which means that various GRC topics have to be taken into account in a company.

In this case, it is no longer enough to simply take the Supply Chain Act (from 01.01.23) as an example. Here, companies must prove that due diligence is being observed in their supply chains. risk management, but a complaints procedure must also be set up, for example.

This requires a reporting/whistleblowing system. Guidelines must be adhered to and documented. The supplier must provide information on how production is carried out. As part of supplier management, a questionnaire can be sent out, which must be answered by the supplier, etc.

You have these options with the GRC tool from Schleupen

GRC software features

  • Simple integration into the existing IT landscape
  • Intuitive, modern and web-based operating concept
  • Multilingual user interface
  • informative dashboards and reports
  • Extensive import and export options, e.g. from catalogs and inventory database
  • Standard solution with ongoing further development based on best practice approaches
  • Flexible adaptation/extension of the software to the specific requirements of the company
  • Optimal process support

Software from Schleupen

  • Easy to use
  • Revision security through journalization function
  • Low implementation costs 
  • Illustration of your own reporting through independently created individual reports
  • Role-based authorization concept
  • Simple fulfillment of legal requirements and national/international standards such as ISO 31000
  • Independent mapping of process changes in the software without additional costs
  • Software made in Germany

Why you should use our R2C software

R2C software in the GRC cloud

We also offer our R2C_GRC and R2C_SECURITY applications in our cloud solution. 

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