Manage and distribute company policies

Policy management centralizes the administration of internal company and legal requirements, derives tasks and communicates changes. These individually created guidelines, such as data protection, occupational safety and quality management, serve as binding rules for employees. Adherence to these guidelines is of great importance in compliance management. A precise process for creating, implementing, publishing and updating the guidelines is essential.

Policy management is a key element in meeting compliance requirements and ensuring the long-term success of a company. The challenge lies in the targeted and verifiable delivery of a large number of documents to the relevant recipients and their confirmation of receipt or acknowledgement. Our policy management software creates order, enables standardized process handling and supports targeted delivery and confirmation.

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Policy management in R2C_GRC

  • Recording and distribution of guidelines and documents to employees (with Active Directory connection) and external parties
  • Automatic versioning function
  • Approval and review workflows for policies and documents
  • Free keywording and folder structures
  • Optional confirmation of documents by recipients
  • Policy library for retrieving your own policies and documents
  • Evaluation of document confirmations for compliance purposes with drill-down function or Microsoft Excel-based standard report

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