The R2C_product family consists of our standard software solutions

Of course we won't leave you to deal with the software solutions alone! From introduction to use, we will remain at your side as a reliable contact partner!

All software solutions feature a standardised introduction process, which can be individually adapted to your requirements. After successful introduction, further services are available to you as part of the maintenance contract, such as for example troubleshooting via our Support/Hotline as well as regular version updates of the software solutions you have acquired.

Your long-term advantage: sector-specific implementation

Along with introduction and continual maintenance, we offer you numerous additional services to make the introduction and regular working with the software solutions easier for you and support you in adapting the systems even more individually to your requirements and internal processes.

During the introduction and adaptation of your software solution, our certified consultants will rely on their sector-specific knowledge – for successful implementation of your requirements. In this way, you can be sure of expert, reliable support.

Make more of your software & your process!

our services at a glance

Full flexibility with our tariffs! Even after the introduction of our R2C software, we will not leave you to deal with it on your own: our services will make your work easier. When booking the different skeleton tariffs, you can select individually from the following components exactly the ones that conform to your requirements.

We make the work of your IT department easier and ensure that you have short cuts. We install your updates, hot fixes and new releases in consultation with you and your IT department.

As information security is an ongoing process, our R2C_SECURITY software solution supports you in all phases of the plan-do-check-act cycle – from the selection of the standard to the organisation ready for certification.

The basis for a successful process in the field of governance, risk & compliance is solid documentation in a risk management manual. We will be happy to support you at this point and will create for you such a risk management manual or a policy, an operating manual as well as training documents.


We provide your users with an overview of the individual steps of the risk management process and show the ways in which identification, description and assessment of risks should ideally take  place. In addition, we will create workshop documents individually tailored to your requirements. In this way, you can increase acceptance by the users and the quality of the documented risks in your system.

Risk management as a service! We manage your risk management process and the software. Our consultants are certified risk managers and have a wide-ranging, cross-sector knowledge of risk management. In consultation with your specialised department, we will carry out all the steps of the risk management process from risk identification to risk reporting for you.

Training for the end users follows the successful introduction of the software. Here, we work together with you to produce the training documents tailored to your requirements. We use these to train your staff so that they can benefit from gaining as much knowledge as possible. Our training sessions can also be used as refreshment or consolidation training.

Management systems are becoming ever more complex. The question often arises as to how other companies, for example from your own sector, control and optimise their processes with the R2C product family software solutions. As part of our benchmark, we will check your systems and processes and present you with the results in a structured form. By comparing your status quo with our benchmarks, we can identify options for optimising your system.

We individualise your GRC systems and adapt them to be an ideal match for your process. 

We illustrate your reporting individually in our GRC solution.

Your Consulting Team is there for you!

Do you have questions about our consulting services or are you interested in an individual offer?

In a personal conversation we can give you exactly the information you need. You also have the opportunity to view our software solution in a free demo.

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Our services at a glance

Successful introduction and efficient use of our R2C-software solution

Our various service packages will make your individual introduction easier and enable problem-free conception, parametrisation and installation of your R2C software solution. In addition, you and your key users will receive all relevant information about the most important software functions in a basic training session. In further training sessions, webinars and workshops, you will have the opportunity to get to know your software solution even better and will always be excellently informed.

An overview of our introduction services

The BASIC introduction package comprises the following services:

Our consultants will work with you to determine the essential program configuration. This comprises the organisational structure, the assessment logic, the risk atlas and the authorisations of staff members.

Based on the settings determined in the kick-off deadline, the software is parameterised. Data set creation takes place at Schleupen SE. After successful installation, the data set is imported directly.

Our IT experts install the software remotely and in close consultation with you and your IT department.

Basic training
We provide detailed training in the most important software functions you will need for your daily activities.

System documentation
In the system documentation, the stored system parameters are recorded in order to enable the tracing of settings at a later date.

The STANDARD introduction package comprises the services of the BASIC package plus the following additional services:

Further training
We show you what else our software solutions can do. You will receive a complete overview of the functions available in the system.

Many questions about the use only arise after the introduction of the software. We will be happy to answer any open queries and will advise you for two hours in a remote session.

The PLUS introduction package comprises the services of the BASIC & STANDARD packages plus the following additional service:

Key user brief instruction manual
Based on your system configuration, we will create a brief instruction manual, with which you can implement repeated activities securely and quickly.