Integrated mapping of the internal control system in R2C_GRC

Control, secure and optimise your corporate assets. An internal control system enables your company to map, monitor and control important business processes in a targeted and seamless manner. Through internal controlling, you systematically reduce or even prevent risks or damage and sustainably secure competitive factors relevant to the future – such as the efficiency of your work processes, the integrity of your operational factors and thus both the assets and the reputation of your company.

Against this background, documenting and auditing the ICS is considered indispensable – and is partly required by law: Different regulations in Germany (BilMoG), Switzerland (OR) and Austria (URÄG) oblige capital market-oriented companies in particular to prove the existence and effectiveness of the internal control system.

Schleupen SE’s R2C_GRC software solution supports your company in the documentation of your internal control system – across industries, tailored to your requirements and always targeted. With the optional ICS function, you can quickly determine whether and which compliance controls are in place and whether the controls that are in place are sufficient to effectively protect your business from potential risks and damage.

Find out how you can effectively map your ICS with R2C_GRC

Features of the ICS software solution in R2C_GRC

Our software solution R2C_GRC has an optional solution for integrated mapping of the internal control system.

The ICS solution enables recording, management and evaluations of internal company controls as part of your risk management. Via the control confirmation process, each responsible employee can confirm – either directly in the application or optionally via Microsoft Outlook – that the controls have been carried out. After selecting a control result, the effectiveness of the ICS can easily be shown via the assessment.


    With this solution, we offer you the option of effective protection against potential damage. You can check compliance with your company-wide regulations and legal guidelines at any time retrospectively in internal audits or establish them as regulations that help prevent violations in individual processes.

      In any case, benefit from the added value for your company:

      • Recording internal controls and linking them to risks and processes
      • Clear confirmation cockpit for confirming the implementation of controls incl. comment function
      • Evaluation for the analysis of control confirmations (confirmation status, control result) according to different dimensions (organisational structure, processes)
      • Consideration of the ICS in standard reports as well as the option of creating additional individual reports

      The process of the internal control system: Valid values with the R2C_GRC software solution

      From documentation and confirmation of existing controls to analysis and optimisation of the company's internal control: the optional ICS module in R2C_GRC creates transparency across the board – and valid values with which you can clearly define your corporate goals and achieve them more securely and quickly.

      By regularly reviewing and monitoring your ICS for its appropriate form, completeness and effectiveness, you reduce economic, organisational and procedural risks for your company and add a component to your Governance, Risk & Compliance framework that will help you move forward.

      • Identification of the main process risks on the basis of the global or company-specific business processes
      • Documentation of the risk-reducing controls
      • Optional distribution of the entire or partial ICS structure to map uniform processes, risks, measures and controls by means of scoping
      • Simple to complex assessment of risks
      • Information-related storage of external process descriptions and other documents in the software
      • Flexibly adaptable data entry masks
      • Regular confirmation of control implementation by the responsible employee via the confirmation cockpit
      • Freely configurable confirmation frequencies
      • Monitoring the timely execution of confirmations
      • Identifying the causes of non-executed confirmations
      • Visualisation of the effectiveness of the controls via freely definable control results
      • Storing supporting documents
      • Optional two-person confirmation of control implementation and control assessment
      • E-mail workflows to ensure confirmation and assessment of control implementations
      • “My Portfolio” page for direct access to the elements administered by the individual employee
      • Clear evaluation pages for results analysis
      • For weak points: Definition of measures for withdrawing/regulating responsibilities and setting deadlines
      • Automatic monitoring of deadlines
      • Freely configurable e-mails to remind the responsible employees of timely processing
      • Integrated action management for efficient action tracking
      • Continuous, tamper-proof journalisation of all changes
      • Tamper-proof historisation for the creation of historical reports

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