Holistic organisation, control and communication of your compliance

In addition to the documentation of risks, compliance with laws and guidelines plays a significant role in companies. Both external compliance requirements, such as laws, regulations or notices, and internal compliance obligations, such as client agreements, rules of conduct or corporate principles, must be fulfilled.

The compliance management solution of the Schleupen software solution R2C_GRC helps you to centrally control, organise and communicate your defined compliance requirements. It enables you not only to monitor but also to distribute compliance-relevant information in a controlled manner. Documents can be made accessible to defined groups of recipients and employees and an optional confirmation of the contents can be requested and evaluated in R2C_GRC.

Furthermore, compliance management includes an extended assessment of your risks with qualitative assessment dimensions that are defined within the framework of the compliance requirements. For example, depending on the specific requirements of the company, the impact of risks on corporate reputation, criminal liability and the environment can be recorded and evaluated. The automatically determined overall impact of monetary damage and compliance factors enables a holistic view of the risks.

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Features of the compliance management software solution in R2C_GRC

  • Assessment of the risks exclusively under compliance aspects or in addition to the monetary assessment
  • Definition of any number of qualitative assessment dimensions for the compliance assessment of risks
  • Free configuration of factors, values and impact classes for the qualitative assessment dimensions
  • Calculation of the total impact from monetary assessment and qualitative assessment dimensions, optionally with a client-specific formula
  • Central storage option for documents with hierarchical structure of the folders (analogous to Microsoft Windows Explorer)
  • Access protection via a role-based authorisation concept based on the need-to-know principle
  • Document confirmation workflow with report on user confirmation of documents
  • Full-text search
  • Full integration into the risk management and internal control system (ICS) solutions

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